Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Visiting Speaker: Author Nancy Warren

Another coup for our course: best-selling romance author Nancy Warren will lecture to us on chick-lit during the Monday June 13th class. Ms. Warren has a sensational website at www.nancywarren.net which includes, uhm, informative, material such as this:

Nancy holds an honors degree in English literature and lives in the Pacific Northwest. She spends her days sensibly employed inventing men who combine amazing sexual prowess with sensitivity to a woman's needs, and women who aren't afraid to fight for their dreams.

To quote a line from Bronte's Villette: "Ouf! Je n'en puis plus!"

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Steve said...

On the topic of romance / chick-lit, I read here that Harlequin™ is planning to start serving chick lit over mobile phones and adding interesting features like submitting photos of men for potential book covers (hmmm...).

Then I found that eHarlequin.com offers online reads with interactivity, such as voting for what should happen next (a la "choose your own adventure"). There is even a place where you can submit your own version of the next chapter of an online novel.

I think that's pretty cool, especially since much of this literature is escapism or fantasy, you'd think it would get you more into the action. Do you think more genres should adopt such radical media?