Sunday, June 05, 2005 Validates "Chick-Lit"

[Link to article now fixed.]
The liberal proto-blog has this recommendation for summer reading - and in the process validates the use of the term "chick-lit" for the left side of the blogosphere.

[Speaking precisely, and aren't blogs, since they are corporate and have editors. However, in their genesis they had the blog mentality, and they do include in-house blogs - kausfiles at slate is excellent. Their conservatice equivalents are probably and - and is the blogfather.]

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Maggie said...

Could it be that a Chicklit genre exits but not a Ladlit one? Since we are a patriarchial society/culture and our language a masculine one--we default from the male norm i.e. a doctor and a woman doctor--perhaps we are more comfortable with the notion of "literature" and "Chick literature" than with "Ladlit" and "Chicklit" even if we are too politically correct to admit it? Put differently, is Chicklit "other"?