Monday, July 25, 2005

"Lovely Guys, Loveless Girls"

From the Evening Standard's "This is London," this review of recent chick-lit by Charlotte Moore:
I've just read seven chick-lit novels in a week. It's like eating nothing but prepared meals. They're attractively packaged but you don't want to check the list of ingredients too closely. Their existence creates a hunger which they proceed, more or less successfully, to satisfy.

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Kristen said...

my response: we all know that "candy" is necessary to the human psyche every once in awhile, and "candy" can sometimes be deeply satisfying. and, sometimes things that are extremely shallow can lead to explorations of the most-profoundly-deep.

and about the presentation today: very well done! i do, however, question the notion that displaying chick lit on huge displays is exclusionary, because any "special treatment" (in the form of promotion or advertizing) given to any type of book -- be it cook books, science fiction, mystical religious texts, whatever.. -- is exclusionary. marketing and advertizing is *fundamentally* exclusionary. there would not be such thing as marketing or advertizing without insanely high levels of exclusion. but this is just a thought. feel free to bash it. :)